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Get the Best Snow Removal Service in Northlake

Since no one can predict precisely when and where snowfalls will occur, being prepared is always the best policy. Storms appear suddenly, creating snow and ice conditions that threaten area businesses, employees, and customers. That’s why we recommend preparing in advance so the snow and ice are dealt with professionally and promptly. Here’s how to prepare for the upcoming winter weather.

Scheduling the Appropriate Services is Crucial

Staying ahead of problems is always easier than coping with issues after the fact. That means working closely with the best Northlake snow and ice company to make sure the appropriate services are provided. That starts with treating the areas with salt before the storm hits. Pre-treating the area reduces the amount of snow and ice that sticks to the parking lot or sidewalks. In addition, we’ll provide treatment as needed after the snow stops to keep the area clear and safe to use. 
Northlake Snow Plowing Service
This Drive Lane is Ready for a Layer of Ice Melt

Document the Services to Improve Risk Management

When you choose the best Northlake snow removal service, we document the services provided and store those documents for years to protect our clients from potential litigation. That’s especially important in an age when slip and fall accidents are common and costly. 

Our team takes before-and-after photos that are time-stamped to document the services provided. That helps to ensure issues are minimized and site visitors, as well as staff members, are as safe as possible during and after inclement weather.

In addition, time logs outline where and when our team members were during their time on the property and what services were provided. The logs are backed up by GPS records that show exactly where our equipment was while on the property. That documentation is always available if questions about our services arise.

Get Started Now!

Even though the weather is nice now, things change quickly. That’s why planning now for that first snowfall or ice event is so important. Obtaining a quote for services now is always a good idea, as you’ll know what your costs will be and can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about removing that dangerous snow and ice. Contact our team now for a customized estimate.

Request a Quote

For the best Northlake snow removal service, start by obtaining a cost estimate. We provide estimates quickly by using satellite imagery to evaluate the site’s needs or will gladly visit a site in person to determine the services required. We recommend planning in advance, but we’ll be here to help even if that first snowfall is already on its way. Get started now by filling out the web form or calling our office. 

Onsite Estimate (optional)

When needed, our team members will meet with your facility manager on the site to discuss your property’s needs and provide a customized quote. The quote will include the cost of Northlake ice melt to ensure the sidewalks and parking areas are safe for use as quickly as possible.

Approve the Quote

The next step is approving the quote. Remember, the quote will include ice melt application, the ice melt materials, and weather monitoring to ensure the site is adequately protected. Of course, we also store the ice melt safely to ensure it’s ready when you need it. 

Paying for the Service

The initial payment is for the readiness agreement and must be paid in order to activate the desired services. That initial payment covers the first parking lot salting service. Having a contract in place before the winter weather hits provides peace of mind, as you can be sure we’ll be there to handle your snow removal and de-icing needs. 
How Our Ice Melt Program Works:
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Snow and Ice Removal in Dallas, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your price quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff can use satellites to measure and quote right away.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes allocated road salt, and safe application. 
  • Our Crew Works - We will pre salt your parking lots and continue to apply road salt throughout the storm. 
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