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Reliable Ice Melting Specialists
Reliable Ice Melting Specialists
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Expert Grapevine Snow Removal Service

When winter rolls around, and the possibility of inclement weather rises, keeping your parking lots safe for customers and staff can become a full-time job. Keeping snow and ice at bay involves a concerted approach from professionals with the proper training, tools, and equipment. Call us for a free quote when you need Grapevine snow removal service. We will be here to answer your questions. 

We Provide Expert Snow Removal in Grapevine

Grapevine Snow Plowing Service
When you need a Grapevine snow company, there is no better expert to call for service. 
We will be there when you need us most and provide reliable and safe services when Old Man Winter approaches the Grapevine area.
Preventative measures are critical for keeping your parking lots safe. 
We work to keep your property free of snow and ice this winter. 

Requesting a Quote

It all begins with a quote. You can fill out our form to get a quote or give us a call to get one. Our staff can use satellite technology to provide you with an immediate quote, or we can schedule to come out and physically measure your property.
We strive to provide as accurate a quote as possible. Our quote includes the salt supplies and labor necessary for keeping your parking lot clear and safe. We can give you fast service, even if a severe weather event is approaching the Grapevine area.

Approve Your Quote

After we send the quote, you will then need to approve it. Our expert staff remain alert during winter and continuously monitor for weather events. When they arise, we promptly prepare your parking lot and walkways to prevent ice and snow buildups. You will not have to worry because we will continue to apply Grapevine ice melt services throughout the weather event as they become necessary.

What is Included

The cost of our Winter services will include the cost of ice melt application, the ice melt material, weather monitoring, and annual readiness including bulk storage of ice melting material.

Pay Your Fee

When we give you a written quote, it includes the Annual Readiness Agreement. You must pay this before we start your readiness agreement. Your payment will cover the first application of salt to your establishment. When winter weather hits, your business will be ready for the cold blast, and you can continue to provide services safely.

We Protect Our Customers with Documentation

It only takes a single icy patch or an unkept section of a parking lot for someone to become seriously hurt during the winter. Slip and falls are common and can lead to severe injuries. Injured parties will often file lawsuits against liable companies. A lawsuit can bring tremendous stress to your shoulders and drain your finances.

We go above and beyond to protect our customers. We keep extensive records of the preventative winterizing work we perform for your business. We record when we service your business, the areas we perform work, and our application process. Our records help you prove your diligence in keeping your property safe for customers and employees.

As a part of our extensive record-keeping services, we take before and after photos of our work. We show your lot before we provide services and after. We help you provide essential evidence of your diligence as a property owner so you are less likely to face losses in court. We will make these records available to you as soon as needed.
How Our Ice Melt Program Works:
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Snow and Ice Removal in Grapevine, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your price quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff can use satellites to measure and quote right away.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes allocated road salt, and safe application. 
  • Our Crew Works - We will pre salt your parking lots and continue to apply road salt throughout the storm. 
Ice Melt DFW Gives You Everything You Need For 
Fast, Easy, Ice and Snow Melting Service Without The Slip and Fall.
Tanner Maxson Owner

We Live and Work in DFW

"We started Main Street Mowing, LLC in Lewisville, Texas in 2005 after I got out of the Air Force. We now have a small collection of services for the commercial market including: Snow and Ice Melt, and Landscape Maintenance. We can't wait for this time of year. Our Salting Service is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your business this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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