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Reliable Ice Melting Specialists
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Keep Your Grand Prairie Business Accessible Through Winter Weather

Icy sidewalks pose serious risks for businesses. Slippery walkways can lead to falls and injuries for both employees and customers. This exposes businesses to potential liability issues.

Icy conditions also deter customers from visiting, resulting in lost revenue during inclement weather. Clearing ice buildup is critical for companies. Proactive snow and ice removal keeps walkways safe, maintains accessibility, and protects businesses from legal claims. 

Investing in a Grand Prairie ice melt service plan will help avoid the dangers icy sidewalks create for any enterprise. Safe access benefits employees and customers alike. Though the city works to clear roads, commercial properties are often left unsafe. At Ice Melt DFW, we provide customized snow and ice removal so local businesses can operate uninterrupted all winter long.

Our snow and ice removal services include:

  • Proactive Salting - We monitor forecasts closely and apply salt ahead of storms to prevent slick conditions. We further fight the storm when we continue to apply road salt until the storm ends.
  • Response Time - Our 24/7 availability means crews mobilize hours before a storm begins.
  • Documentation - We provide time logs, GPS records, and photos to assist with insurance claims if needed.
Grand Prairie Snow Plowing Service

Snow and Ice Melting Services

While many businesses think they need a Grand Prairie snow plow company, we’ve found that proactive icing ahead and during winter storms provides greater safety and accessibility than relying on plowing alone. 

Applying de-icers before snow or ice accumulates helps prevent slick conditions in the first place. This keeps walkways safer by melting away slippery spots. Pre-treating also makes plowing easier later on if needed, with fewer ice patches for plows to try to scrape up. Continuous monitoring and re-application of ice melt as needed keeps conditions clear.  Maintaining accessible entryways requires getting ahead of the storm with proactive icing rather than just reactive plowing once snow has already fallen.

Customized Winter Weather Preparation  

Before winter hits, we'll meet to map out priority treatment areas if needed, and set up bulk salt storage onsite for larger commercial facilities. Pre-paying for your first application locks in pricing and guarantees we're ready to mobilize when storms strike.

Rapid Response as Storms Strike

We closely track local weather forecasts to anticipate winter storms. At the first sign of snow or ice, our crews spring into action to apply salt across your parking lots and walkways. As precipitation continues, we re-apply salt frequently to prevent slick spots and keep high traffic areas clear.

We stay in close communication with clients throughout storms to provide updates on conditions. At Ice Melt DFW, we take a customized approach to commercial snow and ice removal. Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of each client's property to identify their specific needs and challenges. We carefully measure walkways, parking lots, entrances, and other areas to calculate the precise amount of de-icer required. Before winter hits, we proactively apply salt as pre-treatment to get ahead of storms. As long as icy conditions persist, our crews continuously monitor and re-apply to maintain safe accessibility. We persevere through subfreezing temperatures and winter precipitation to deliver top-notch snow and ice management services tailored to each property.

The Ice Melt DFW Difference

  • ​24/7 Weather Monitoring and Rapid Response
  • ​Customized Service Plans Tailored to Your Property  
  • ​Complete Documentation for Legal Protection
  • ​Direct Communication and Excellent Client Service
Your quote will contain an amount for the readiness agreement.  This amount must be paid in full prior to activating service. When winter weather hits, your payment will cover the first salting service.

Don't Leave Snow Removal to Chance

Protect your business and keep customers and employees safe this winter season. Call Ice Melt DFW at 214-317-8301 for a free quote on customized snow and ice removal service. We're ready to prepare your property ahead of winter and provide rapid response when storms strike Grand Prairie. Contact us today!
How Our Ice Melt Program Works:
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Snow and Ice Removal in Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your price quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff can use satellites to measure and quote right away.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes allocated road salt, and safe application. 
  • Our Crew Works - We will pre salt your parking lots and continue to apply road salt throughout the storm. 
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Fast, Easy, Ice and Snow Melting Service Without The Slip and Fall.
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"We started Main Street Mowing, LLC in Lewisville, Texas in 2005 after I got out of the Air Force. We now have a small collection of services for the commercial market including: Snow and Ice Melt, and Landscape Maintenance. We can't wait for this time of year. Our Salting Service is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your business this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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